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Where we are in central Texas and it is next to impossible to plant things in the ground without a huge amount of effort. Two to five inches down there is a layer of limestone rock so even doing native plants can be a challenge. I want to have a few more veggies and herbs but really don’t want to put more raised beds in, at least not yet. So…when we lived in Woodland, WA I had the same challenges except there it was clay. Really gooey clay! I ended up planting some of my plants in fabric pots. They worked pretty good actually. They are relatively cheap but I wanted deeper ones. I was thinking about the fabric and thought there has to be something available I can use to make my own. Since I sew I figured I could easily do that.

I started looking around and found some landscape fabric on Amazon that looked very similar to some of the materials used in some fabric pots so I bought a huge roll for only $40. I figured worse case I can us it in my yard.

I figured out a pattern and got to work.

I still need to add pictures and instruction for the top hem and handles. I also kinda goofed with the thread I realized I was using cotton thread which I’m sure will rot pretty quickly. I ended up finding some polyester thread and using that for the reinforcing seams and zig zags. I ordered some upholstery thread specifically for use for outdoor projects to use on the rest of the pots. Updates and pictures will follow

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