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Wow, I can believe it has been 4 days since I posted. I thought I skipped only a couple of days. I guess that goes right along with my mind skipping from one item to the next. I’ve been doing a little of everything the last few days. When we moved I had pounds and pounds of clay I brought with me and of course none of it is usable at the moment. So, I spent one afternoon going through all the bags and reuniting like clays, ( I had some all set to put on the wheel, stored in ziplocks with the clay name on the bag that have dried out) putting them in their own bucket and then cutting the blocks up into smaller chunks so they would dry quicker.  Kind of a mindless job but it needed to be done. Here is Central Texas it is already pretty warm and very dry so they will dry out quickly. Dry is important because you can’t reconstitute clay when it has any moisture. It won’t absorb the water. If the clay is dry, like dust dry, then it sucks it up like a sponge. Then you have to try and get the puddles of water off the top with a sponge or by pouring, let it dry to close to the right consistency  and work it and wedge it on a plaster bat board until it reaches the right consistency.  Let me put it this way. I think it may be easier just to buy more clay.  However, when one has 500 lbs of clay it needs to be used up. If I only had a pug mill then I’d have it made in the shade!

buckets o' clay

Here are just a few of the buckets of clay cut up and drying.

pot on trimmer

This is the pot I made a few days ago. They need to dry out for a couple of days before they can be trimmed. This one is set up to be worked on.

Trimmed pot

Not the best pot. The walls are very thick! But on the other hand since it is heavy it will make a nice vase.

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