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I’m trying to decide if I want to keep my pottery equipment. On the one hand I hardly get out there but on the other hand it’s paid for and I really love doing it. Ugh! I need to narrow my focus but just don’t know how. I went out today to play around on the wheel just to see what happens. One try ended back in the bucket but the other turned out ok. I had a stress neck injury a few years ago and I couldn’t use the wheel without my arms going numb but today I was fine. We’ve (my sweet husband Earl and I) set up a really awesome shop in the backyard of our new home. We had to build a shed and thanks to the major! help of a good family friend it is all finished except for painting the exterior.  Well, we still need to do something with the vent from the kiln but we will probably just vent it out the window. We set kiln on cement board for safety but I haven’t even fired it up yet. The white trash can looking thing on top of the kiln in the picture below is a raku kiln we built several years ago. I’ve got some pots ready to fire just need to get the glaze ready and figure out where to set it. It is movable which is really nice so I don’t have to worry about finding a permanent place for it.

Wheel and Kilns

The pottery side of my shop


Today’s Pot














I also planted a few plants in the new raised beds.

deep bed with plants




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