Raised Bed Gardening 1

Yesterday I continued working on my raised beds. I started working on them about 6 months after we had moved to Texas (did I mention we moved to Central Texas from the pacific northwest?) and am just now getting around to finishing them up. Actually, I ended up making 2 of the beds myself…literally. My husband just had both feet operated on and it may be a month before he is really getting around. With spring just around the corner I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I did something I don’t normally do. I did an internet order from Home Depot. Ever done one of those? That’s where you place the order and then pick it up as soon as it is ready. That was a bit of a trial! The gal reassured me that everything was correct because she is the one who pulled the order. Well…not so much. I started to cut the pvc for my outside sink and realized she had given me 1 1/4″ instead of 1 1/2″. OK no problem I’ll work on the drip system. I pick up the pipe and immediately realize that it is wrong too. Schedule 20 instead of schedule 40. So I go back and get the correct pipe. That’s ok because I needed more soil which I had ordered as well and thank the woman for picking out nice bags, ones that weren’t ripped. I get home and start to work on the drip system again and danged if one of the elbows (6 of the same) was wrong. I didn’t feel like going back yet again so I went yesterday and got that finally straightened out. Ugh! Next time I’ll just get it myself. Today I put the old drip hoses back on so that at least I’d be able to water the few items in the beds and also help settle the soil. I need to make them to fit the new beds but at least it’s a start.

deep bed garden

I know there is still a lot of clean up to do but it should be really nice in another month or two.

potting bench

This is a potting bench I made with just a little help from my husband. And here it stays because it is leveled to the ground and not itself. : /

I didn’t really work long on them because today my new friend is coming to paint with me. Watercolors. I haven’t done much watercolor painting of late so it’s fun to have someone to sit down with again. I had a couple of friends in WA but after we moved I kinda let it go by the wayside. She is still learning as am I so it’s fun to share what I know. Maybe today we will do some more super simple ocean scenes.

ocean watercolors

These actually look pretty good. They are very small, around 5″x 6″ but I really like them.

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