Acrylic Pours! I’ve always wanted to try these…

Well I had to try yet one more thing. I’ve been wanting to try acrylic pours forever and finally decided it was time. I had all the supplies except for silicone spray which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes so I popped out and got that along with a few other miscellaneous supplies.

It was as fun as it looks on YouTube! There is a small learning curve if you understand color and acrylics but for the first try I think they came out pretty good. On one the paint cracked because it was too think or because I put it over an old painting and another one, my favorite, didn’t quite reach the edge but otherwise they came out great! This is actually the second batch. I just love them! (if I say so myself).

Click on Photo to enlarge.

I learned really quick I was mixing too much paint at once but if you do enough you can come up with a nice grouping.

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