Back at it! Art!

Yesterday I decided to forgo knitting group in favor of finishing up a project. On Thursday I decided to rearrange the breezeway which has turned into my art studio. I had stuff strewn all over the place and moved several pieces of furniture including those big chrome shelves that are awesome for everything! It was still a mess by the time I was worn out on Thursday. So much so I couldn’t get my car in the garage. I had to rearrange the shelves out there in order to straighten out the breezeway. You know how it is, mess up one space to clean another! Anyway, I decided I’d better keep at it instead of going to knitting. I finally finished around 2:00. By the time it was really nice and neat I decided it was too late to go.

When we were in the apartment I bought a huge box of crayons to possibly mess with melting them. I ran out of excuses not to draw or paint or something! so I pulled out one of my 50 canvases, no I haven’t counted them but there are a bunch, and started melting crayons across one side. I wish I had taken pictures of each step because it was truly ugly at the beginning. I kept scraping shaving off the crayons, crumbling them and then melting. I didn’t really like the white canvas background so I started experimenting with markers I got at Christmas. They are called Chameleon pens. They are alcohol based. As soon as I laid down the first chunk of color I knew they would work!

Here is the result.

Mixed media painting. (Click on picture to enlarge and clarify)

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