Dye Day with some of my new knitting friends

Wow! What a fun day! On Monday, Feb 5th, I had a few of my new knitting friends over to dye some yarn. I have been considering teaching again and had to have some guinea pigs, uh, I mean friends over to renew my teaching skills and to see if our new location would work. It did!

I’ll admit I was a little nervous as I have not had a group over for lunch yet but I did have a couple of other ladies over  to demo dyeing and give them a chance to try it out if they wanted to. I think having them over before doing an actual class really helped a lot!

I goofed in one way. I should have asked for an RSVP but didn’t want to discourage anyone if their plans changed. I “invited” (sent a group convo) 14 people to come to the class. It turned out well though. 5 ladies came over for lunch and then dyeing. I had a really great time giving them a 10 minute review on mixing colors…Remember learning about primary colors and how they mix together…then moving into the fundamentals of dyeing yarn. One of the ladies decided she was just going to watch until about 5 minutes into watching everyone else putting color on their yarns then she couldn’t resist any longer and had to jump in. Despite the looks of skepticism that their colors were going to turn out nice, I think they were all very pleased!

I think they also learned that dyeing your own yarn can be fun and rewarding. And! if you don’t want to invest in acid dyes and use food coloring instead even cheap!

Yarn Dyeing Day (click on pic to enlarge)

Look like a pretty happy group don’t they!?

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