Time to Catch Up

Well, It has been over a year since I posted anything and I have been handing my cards out left and right so…I decided I should at least try to catch up on a few things!

So much has happened over the last year there is no way I can cover everything. The biggest thing to happen is that we moved to Oklahoma! Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever live here but here we are!

I got really lucky and God smiled on me very soon after our move. I went into the local knitting store in Owasso (near where our apartment was) called “The Knitting Nook” to check it out for my sister. My sister is a knitter and I thought when she comes to visit this would be one of the first places she might like to go. Well, I struck up a conversation with the woman in the store, told her briefly why I was there and she invited me to come on Wednesdays or Fridays to knit and meet some of the local ladies. Turns out the woman is the owner. Her name is Debbie Norton. I realized she was very sincere and really thought I might enjoy it. I did! I came the next week with my crocheting in hand since I had given up on knitting after trying over and over. I quickly found out that all of these women were and are! just awesome. They have not only gotten me to knitting but have become a great support system for me.

They have helped me through the turmoil of selling our house in Georgetown which took 7 months and been extremely helpful with settling into our new town. Every time I came to the knitting group they would want updates as to what was going on both with selling the house and buying the new one. It was just great!

We are living in the country again on 2.5 acres and have finally found a place on an airport and have a hangar right by our house. How cool is that? I also have a wonderful studio, a place to do my lapidary work and Earl (my husband) does too. Below is a picture of my studio. It is really great!

My New Studio

I could go on and on but at least I’ve got a start again. See you soon!


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