Shadow box for still life painting or photography

I’m glad I finally got caught up on our trip to NM because I’ve had lots of things to share but didn’t really want to go too much out of order. Since I started oil painting I’ve made a couple of cool indispensable items. I made a really nice easel and also a shadow box. Both are based on plans I found online. I’ll get to the easel at another time. Hopefully soon. My latest en devour was to make the shadow box. I found some really cool plans from Mark Carder. He is actually right here in Austin. At least I think so. I know his paint is made here but am a unsure if he actually lives here. Anyway, his paint company is called Geneva Fine arts.  I think when I use up some of the paint I have (or maybe even before) I’ll give his paint a try. It’s made especially for alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil painting which is what I’m going for.

I’ve been watching lots of his videos on YouTube and have subscribed to his channel. He is really awesome! What is really cool about him is that most of what he offers is free and not only that but he does how to videos on how to make the gadgets you need to paint. What is so great about that is he also sells a lot of the items and that isn’t something you see everyday! Most of the time people will say “I sell this on my website for a gazillion dollars so go there to buy it!” He has a video on how to make a really nice shadow box, which he doesn’t actually sell, but looks like it works great. My problem with it was the not the size which I think is perfect but the fact that it is takes up a lot of real estate and must weight a lot. I tried to think of ways to put hinges on it but couldn’t really come up with anything right off the bat. I gave my husband a brief description but was afraid his engineer brain would make it much! harder than it needed to be. So, I decided PVC! I’m sure someone else out there has made one similar but this is what I came up with.

Here is a link to the original shadow box made by Mark Carder on his YouTube channel “Draw, Mix, Paint

Should you want more specific plans please let me know!

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