Visit to Casitas De Gila – Day 2

I decided to throw in a part 2 even if it’s short. I think maybe post need to be short as our attention span these days is short. At least mine has been lately.

Day 2 of our visit was awesome. We decided to take Michael’s advice at go to Arizona to the Black Hills Rockhounding State Park where we could possibly find fire agates. It was a bit of a drive but really beautiful. We saw very few car on the whole trip. We found the park with no problem and got there around 10:00. We were the only ones there. We got out of the car and I looked down and saw this.

The ground is just littered with white chalcedony and fire agates! This is a picture that I took right by the door of the car. My friend Mary would go crazy here! We did pick up a few pieces but we were after something bigger than a dime so we got all geared up and started hiking to the mesa. We very soon realized that we had way too much gear on since we weren’t even getting out of site of the car. So after slugging it out for a while we went back to the car got a bite to eat and lightened our load. We did end up finding so nice specimens of white chalcedony but only a few very small fire agates. It was really fun though and I would love to go back.

Michael recommended that we take the back road out and after a little bit of contemplation we did. The road looked questionable but since we were in an intermediate SUV, a Chevy Traverse, we went ahead. The car performed admirably! I was also able to get some beautiful pictures of the prickly pear blooming.


After circling around the back side of the park we headed back to Gila. On the way we stopped at the location where Michael told us we would find Apache’s Tears, little chucks of black obsidian. It was a little tricky driving up the hill to the collecting area but we made it and as we were told they were all over the ground. It was really strange. These Apache’s Tears have eroded out of perlite and are just laying on top of the dirt. For some reason it was just so strange to me since the volcanic activity that would have left these was not as obvious as one would expect.

When we got back to the Casitas we washed the rocks and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and peaceful location.

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