Finally fired pottery!

It took me years…literally to finally fire some more pottery. I had bunches of pots made but had never even bisque fired them. I knew that I needed either to dump them or fire them before we left Woodland (WA) and that was 1 1/2 years ago! Ugh! Since there were so many I decided to bisque fire them knowing that they would survive the trip mostly intact. Actually they all survived.

We got the kiln set-up about 4 months ago and I think I’d been putting it off for several reasons. One, it is set up in a 10 X 16 wooden shop and it just made me nervous to fire a kiln up to 2190°. We have the kiln surrounded by cement board but I was still concerned so I fired some glass which only goes up to about 1650°. It fired just fine and the shed got hot but I could put my hands on the cement board so I knew it wasn’t going to get as hot as I thought. Plus I have a vent which really makes a difference. Also, I was nervous the glazing would turn out terrible. Especially since I haven’t done any glazing in forever. Last week I decided it was finally time. I think another one of the reasons I hesitated was  because I thought I was going to have to either buy or make more glaze. After I took inventory of what I had on hand I realized I didn’t need to make more. I figured I might have to have 10 different glazes but that was ok. However, I had forgotten how far it goes! I think I used 5 different colors and that was really out of choice. I had to “dust” the pots off first using compressed air. They had been sitting around for ages and believe it or not dust will make it so the glaze won’t stick. Here are a couple of pictures of the glazed pots before firing and after being loaded in the kiln ready to fire. All but one pot was brush glazed.

I followed the firing schedule in “Mastering Cone 6 Glazes”. It is an awesome book! A must have if you want to really learn about how glazes work. Here is the results of the firing. I’m thrilled! I had actually decided that if they didn’t fire well I was done, done and done with pottery. They came out great. Only one pot had bubbles and some didn’t have enough glaze but otherwise I love them!

I have another run to do soon. Stay tuned!

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